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At CAM we listen to our customers needs and the details of their business to help them achieve their goals. We pride ourselves in supplying the best solution available to our customers; on occasion that solution is not available “off the self”. Therefore we have designed and built solutions to help these customers and we now have a couple “off the shelf solution” 100% designed and built by CAM.

CAM manufactures a Singulator counting system and a Premade bagging entry level machine both machines take product from bulk to individual counted pieces and can put them into the package on demand. We are proud to build this equipment here in Canada.

CAM does also build custom solutions when necessary to help customers meet the ROI goals. We have a 3D design engineer to provide layouts and models prior to construction. These programs and years of experience create great success in building the custom solutions.

We design and build each electrical cabinet to be approved for use in North America; CSA and UL standards. We offer programmed solutions with B&R, Allen Bradley and Omron as standard platforms.

These 2 pieces of equipment address a need in the market for variable flexible packaging solutions. We can create an assorted pack, a single flavour or even a snack pack all on the same piece of equipment. This saves our customer money in their capital equipment budget while leaving them flexible to adapt to custom orders from their clients.


The CAM Singulator was created by CAM Packaging Systems to address customers needs for precise counting, flexibility, speed, reliability and automation at an affordable price. The result is the ultimate flexible solution for counting and packaging. Perfect system to accommodate your changing customer needs even from one package to the next! Design for small to large production runs this CAM Singulator can do it all and lower your cost per package!

CAM Packaging Systems has designed and built the Singulator systems to have all these benefits and more. The system is a small footprint that can be adapted to count and directly insert the counted pieces into a retail or bulk package such as a carton, box, pouch, bag or conveyor system.The system is a modular design to have 1 to 24 singulators side by side to create small or large package configurations. From One (1) flavour/item up to twenty four (24) flavours/items.

Markets but not limited too; confectionary, pharmaceutical, bakery, hardware, detergent, snack food, frozen food, agriculture and produce.

The feeding capabilities are almost limitless and the system is modular enough to be portable and expandable to meet your changing customer requests. The system that can grow with your business is now available.

The advantage of this Singulator design is to accommodate mixed or multi packs, kit building, small medium or large counts into various packages and create on demand assorted packages. The Singulator can easily adapt to a promotional offer and add one, two or multiple extra pieces into the package. Perfect for target marketing

The user friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) Panel has easy to understand function buttons to controller each section of the Singulator along with recipe recall and different levels of password screens.

  • Ergonomically design for loading bulk bins
  • Full Colour HMI Panel
  • No Package No Count
  • Package placement sensors at each Singulator
  • Recipe product recall
  • Load Hopper level control with warning lights
  • Vibration feed hopper with independent speed control
  • Incline conveyor with independent speed control
  • Individual speed controls for each section of Singulator
  • Safety interlock dual channel guarding
  • Stainless Steel or food grade approved materials for all contact surfaces
  • Small footprint
  • User Friendly operator controls
  • Flexibility with flavour mixing or kitting
  • Modular design to expand as needed
  • Designed and built in North America
  • Timing buckets for large count drops
  • Quick change feed hopper
  • Quick change count conveyor
  • Premade Bag support conveyor with sealer
  • Bucket conveyor for transport to roll stock bagging equipment VFFS or cartoning equipment
  • Check Weigher with rejection system
  • Metal detector with rejection system
  • Allen Bradley control platform
  • Database communication and matching
  • Custom design package conveyor for smooth feeding directly into packaging media
  • Overflow reloading system
  • Remote connections for On Line Ordering
  • Bagging equipment
  • Automatic package feeding solutions
  • Monitoring diagnostics with remote access
  • Custom feeding system for unique shaped items.
  • Selective feeding configuration

A. Speeds:

  • Package Speeds upto 30 Packages per minute
  • Count speeds upto 120 pieces per minute per Singulator
  • Speeds are determined by product size, shape, count required, wrapped or naked  items. If wrapped; what style and type of materials used. If raw or naked product texture  can influence speeds. In general each Singulator can count 100-120 pieces per minute.  In regards to finished packages per minute we can achieve up to 30 ppm. Actual  products must be sent for engineering review to provide actual speeds achievable.

B. Configuration

  • Single Feeder Singulator
  • Six Feeder on single portable frame
  • Special frames for 6 and greater will not be portable.
  • Can be configured to have up to 24 Singulators in line
Specificaiton Image

Dimension views with optional check weigher

Specificaiton Image

Singulator feeding into Optional PreMade Bag machine