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Robotic System Solutions

Robotic System Solutions

Robotic-based automation is an alternative to manual packaging systems. It’s a branch of packaging technology that manages the implementation and function of the design, operation and application of robots as well as the computer system for their control and information processing. 

Today, commercial and industrial robots are used to perform jobs more accurately and reliably than humans. Fully robotic packaging systems may also be used in jobs which are too dangerous for humans to perform. Not only can these systems increase uptime and total output, fewer accidents in an increasingly demanding workplace are less likely to occur. 

In the packaging industry, robotic systems are tasked with the strenuous or repetitive motions in high-volume production roles. Robotic system solutions typically fall under 3 categories: 

  • Pick and place applications; products are packed into trays and or secondary packaging application, 
  • Packing; products are pre-arranged on a conveyor to ease packaging operations and
  • Palletizing; pallet loading and unloading.


This packaging component services a multitude of products and packaging applications such as frozen food, bakery, confectionary, ice cream, meat and fish, cheese, pet food and medical products to list a few. It exhibits exceptional performance in food handling, packaging and other high-speed handling applications. 


Robotic automation offers reliable function, increased flexibility and easy integration into any packaging line. Top loading boxes, unloading and mixing, and feeding of products to end-loaders or film wrappers, are easily handled by robotic automation equipment offered at CAM Packaging Systems. 


High-performance palletizing equipment is also available at CAM Packaging Systems such as the Master Palletizing series. Placing boxes, trays, bags, bottles or other items on a pallet, though not a difficult process, can be rigorous and time-consuming. With demands from multiple feeder lines, quick box-pattern or size changes, and high up-time, nothing can beat the speed to robot-based automation. 

For further information about CAM Packaging Systems’ automated-robotic system solutions and advanced software, get in touch! Improve your packaging equipment and the productivity of your packaging line, today!

Custom Robotic Solutions, designed for custom projects
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Custom Robotic Solutions, designed
6000 / hour | 100 / minute
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Pick and place, inspect, tranfer so
6000 / hour | 100 / minute
Solutions to maximise your productivity with a great return on investment and low total cost of ownership.
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Solutions to maximise your producti
6000 / hour | 100 / minute
Standard or Custom Robotic Palletizing Solutions available turnkey from CAM with integrated stretch wrappers
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1800 / hour | 30 / minute