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Pallet Placement & Pallet Wrap Automation

End of Line Solutions

At CAM Packaging Systems we’re well aware of the importance of flexible and efficient production flow and that shouldn’t hinder your end-of-line solutions. CAM Packaging Systems is dedicated to providing the best packaging equipment and possible end-of-line solutions, including robot-based automation and traditional solutions like semi-automatic solutions, to ensure your product is packed safely, efficiently and economically.

Considerable thought goes into product design and intelligent primary packaging. What occasionally may be overlooked is the importance of packaging and shipping. And while packaging and presentation of the product has the power to make a mid-range product seem like a high-end purchase, if your products aren’t packaged carefully and arrive damaged, you’re losing money.  

We offer a wide range of packaging machinery and solutions including semi-automated and fully automatic end-of-line solutions developed to meet the burgeoning needs of the packaging industry. Our robot-based automation ensures superior flexibility to meet the increasingly short product life cycle, new packaging styles, packaging designs, product variation and batch manufacturing. We offer conventional packers as well as robotic-based equipment that can be used for a range of packaging and products.  For high performance lines, we can combine different packaging solutions. 

Our end-of-line solutions integrate with the packaging systems that CAM Packaging Systems distributes and manufactures, including case sealing, case palletizing and stretch wrapping solutions. Our on-site technicians ensure that our systems integrate seamlessly with your existing packaging lines and can help decipher the best final packaging equipment for your unique needs. We specialize in creating high-efficiency packaging solutions to ensure your all of your final packing needs are met, consistently. 

End of line Packaging Solutions <br />
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available from CAM Packaging Systems
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End of line Packaging Solutions
6000 / hour | 100 / minute
Robotic Solutions for automated palletizing <br />
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requirements.  Single to Multipule cell layouts.
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Robotic Solutions for automated pal
6000 / hour | 100 / minute