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Packaging Rental Equipment

A new trial product is being integrated into one of your production lines and you need a new piece of equipment, pronto. It’s a temporary situation, but it will create pressure on production demand, on your resources and your time. What packaging equipment options do you have? How can you compensate in a cost-effective way? 

Renting Packaging Equipment from Aurora’s CAM Packaging Systems

For short-term and temporary projects, CAM Packaging Systems provides flexible and affordable rental programs for various types of packaging equipment, allowing companies to accommodate increased short and long-term changes in production demand. 

There are great benefits to renting equipment through a reputable packaging dealer like CAM Packaging Systems. Our flexible rental options provide excellent opportunities to keep overheads low while meeting increased production requirements. Short-term rental provides the handy opportunity to meet seasonal manufacturing needs or to introduce new products. Long-term rental options are available with the option of purchase.

So, what’s the benefit to renting packaging equipment?

  • Save money!
  • Save time!
  • Take product orders with the confidence to complete packaging on time 
  • Rent a line of packaging equipment while your new equipment is being built

CAM Packaging equipment keeps your capital intact so you can enjoy the increase in profit through output. Our rental equipment is available immediately, so there is no waiting around and your product is out on the shelf sooner rather than later. Furthermore, long and short-term rental expenses make it easier to forecast budgets with ease. 

All equipment that we rent is set up in-house with your product for superior performance and will showcase the same quality as our new and used packaging equipment. Contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of unique rental opportunities. Our rental programs are here to help solve your temporary increased production needs. 

Conflex Fusion Side Seal Shrink Wrapper
Conflex Fusion
Conflex Fusion Side Seal Shrink Wra
3000 / hour | 50 / minute
Used Shanklin F1 wrapper with side seal and staging belts for automatic product spacing
F1 Shanklin side seal wrapper
Used Shanklin F1 wrapper with side
0 / hour | 0 / minute
Automatic L Bar Shanklin A 27A Hot knife with closing conveyor
Shanklin A 27 L Bar
Automatic L Bar Shanklin A 27A Hot
1800 / hour | 30 / minute
Sitma High Speed Poly wrapping system with feeders 

and print registration control
Sitma 750 Poly Wrapping System
Sitma High Speed Poly wrapping syst
10000 / hour | 166.667 / minute
Fully Automatic high speed Poly bagging and shrink Wrapping line with tunnel.
Sitma Poly / Shrink Wrapping Line
Fully Automatic high speed Poly bag
7000 / hour | 116.667 / minute
Automatic Top and Bottom Tape System
Top and Bottom taper
Automatic Top and Bottom Tape Syste
0 / hour | 0 / minute