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Horizontal Filling & Sealing Machine

Filling Machines for Bags or Boxes

When your product or consumable item is solid and can be pushed or conveyed, a horizontal filling and sealing machine is an ideal solution. Products that are typically packaged this way are snack items and food items or products like pharmaceutical items or small household items. We are a packaging company that provides and integrates packaging systems and to suit your needs.

We also offer vertical form fill and sealing packaging machines if your product needs to be packaged in that manner.

Box Packaging,

For packaging boxes, also known as carton packaging, from the side, our horizontal packaging machine will carton your food or household items from start to finish. You can opt for a semi-automatic or automatically fed machine.

Bag Packaging

Horizontal flow wrapping systems are at the end of the production line and are a critical step in the manufacturing process before it's inserted into a carton/box or tray and shipped to the distribution warehouse or retailers. These machines package industrial ingredients as well as commercial or consumer products. They operate on a continuous cycle, pulling the plastic film from a reel, printing your product's lot numbers, identification and expiry information on the packaging material, then sealing it around your product.

These flow wrapper machines are capable of delivering flexible or semi-rigid packaging with sterile barriers. The reels on the machines can accommodate various wrapping materials including high density polyethylene, laminates, poly-coated paper or cold seal materials, heat-sealable cellophane and polypropylene.


The changeover process can be quick and accurate to accommodate frequent product and/or wrapping material changes that your company needs to be efficient and maintain low packaging costs. Changeovers of a broad range of product sizes are quick and repeatable through touchscreen recipe retrieval, often without the use of tools.

Return on Investment

We work with you to select and integrate the best packaging equipment to optimize your company's needs. Our machines utilize the materials efficiently to reduce scrap and work quickly to keep your packaging costs low. We continue working with you to provide packaging materials and technical support to be a partner in your growing success to deliver professionally packaged goods.

If you are in the greater Toronto area, contact us today and let us know what your product is. We can help assess your unique needs and requirements and match you with an appropriate packaging machine. There are dozens of machine options and we can navigate all of the overwhelming product features and select ideal equipment for you. We work with multiple suppliers so you have access to the best options on the market today.

3 Axis Servo Entry Level Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Wrapper, with lots of extra options.
3 Axis Servo Entry Level Horizontal
7200 / hour | 120 / minute
Servo Flow wrapper stand alone or inline with automatic loading system.
Servo Flow wrapper stand alone or i
15000 / hour | 250 / minute
HORIZONTAL FORM FILL AND SEAL WRAPPER; flexible, quick and can able to run various films; OPP, BOPP, CPP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, Laminated films and Polyolefin shrink films.
3600 / hour | 60 / minute
Form Fill and Seal solutions from CAM <br />
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Packaging Systems
General Form Fill and Seal | PDF
Form Fill and Seal solutions from C
0 / hour | 0 / minute
Ink Jet systems to apply best before dates to various <br />
<br />
Ink Jet Coding System | PDF
Ink Jet systems to apply best befor
25000 / hour | 416.667 / minute
High Speed Flow wrapper at extremely resonable price.  250ppm, <br />
<br />
printed film 3 Axis Servo.
Pioneer Flow Wrapper | PDF
High Speed Flow wrapper at extremel
15000 / hour | 250 / minute
Entry level manual loading vertical-horizontal inclinable packaging machine.
ZED Flow Wrapper | PDF
Entry level manual loading vertical
1800 / hour | 30 / minute