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Inspection Equipment for Packaging Machines

Once your food items are packaged, manually or automatically, the quality control process helps you confirm the weight of the packages and detect foreign objects. Inspection equipment allows you to ensure that each item contains the exact same amount of product and to confirm that the food is safe for consumption.

Weight Confirmation

If your food items are manually packaged, this leaves room for potential human error. The packagers could be including too much or too little product. Inspection equipment will weigh each item and remove the package to be handled personally by the quality controller if there are any variations from what is supposed to be in each package.

Foreign Object Detection: Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are the first step in finding any foreign contaminants in food products before they leave the processing and packaging warehouse. These machines also detect metal impurities in textile, garment, chemical products and other industrial products, etc to provide reliable quality assurance.

Foreign Object Detection: X-Ray Detection

X-Ray inspection solutions are utilized to provide more advanced contamination detection. There are times when plant based products don’t always get debris removed perfectly and the product may have small items like stones from the farmer’s field included. X-ray inspection equipment scans the packaged food items to detect any harmful foreign objects. This type of packaging inspection has experienced growth due to the growth in increasing allergies and ongoing developing concerns people have about the products they’re consuming.

Standard Equipment Features

Our packaging machinery is also stainless steel to provide the most hygienic equipment in the food manufacturing industry. The combination of these inspection technologies allows food manufacturers to meet the most stringent criteria by its retailers.

Another standard feature of all the inspection equipment at CAM Packaging Systems is a quality control lock-bin. When the packages are separated due to an alert of a foreign object or weight issue, they are locked up and only accessible with a key from a quality control authority to retrieve the rejected items and discard them. This eliminates the possibility of enterprising individuals trying to meet production quotas with rejected items. It also maintains control of hygiene using product retention.

At CAM Packaging Systems, we help you select the best inspection equipment for your company’s needs and integrate it into your manufacturing facility. We work with manufacturers in the Greater Toronto area to increase your manufacturing efficiency by reducing your cost per package by matching you with the right machinery. Contact us today to discover how we can help you maintain your brand image using effective inspection equipment.

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